Jeff Scott, former Coach at Brebeuf Jesuit High School in Indianapolis has started a Indiana Coaches Hot Stove discussion.  Below are his words explaining the concept.

I (Jeff Scott) have attended several ABCA conventions over the years and although I thoroughly enjoy listening to the speakers, I would come home with all these ideas and no way of implementing them. Listening to college guys demonstrate what they do with beautiful facilities, resources and money just did not pertain to a high school that didn’t have those things. I often have said that I wish they would have a high school division with high school coaches from around the country that would speak of how they set up practice in a gymnasium or how they run an effective practice with 4-5 coaches. I always felt like that would benefit me more and allow me to hear different ideas or learn that maybe the way another coach does things is better and more efficient than how we were doing it.

At the end of the day, we all have a desire to help make kids better baseball players and young men all while trying to build a championship program. I have been speaking with Brian Abbott and several coaches about the idea of creating our own hot stove with Indiana baseball coaches to discuss various topics throughout the year. These sessions will be for 1 hour and recorded to be shared on the IHSBCA YouTube channel.

The first episode was recorded last night with Coach Terry Gobert, Coach Jake Burton and Coach Greg Dikos. The video can be found on the IHSBCA YouTube channel. The link below will take you directly to last night’s episode.

I welcome feedback, suggestions and ideas for future topics. Please email me at [email protected] or text me at (317) 258-3486.

Episode 1: March 17, 2024 In this episode we talk with Jasper's Terry Gobert, Penn's Greg Dikos, and McCutcheon/Twin Lakes' Jake Burton. The three have won a combined 2,500 games and 14 state championships. The three legendary coaches discuss their early season practice philosophy.