2017 All-State Nomination

The deadline to nominate a player is June 4th.

Returning coaches with a username and password will be asked to enter that information in the system in order to nominate a player(s). There is a forget password link for those who do not remember their password. Click the link and enter your email or username to reset your password.

New coaches will be required to register for the site to establish a profile. After completing the registration (a few basic questions), a confirmation page will appear confirming your registration and providing links to the All-State nomination. You will now be able to nominate a player(s).

Nominate a student



Voting Process:

The voting window for All-State and Player of the Year will open June 12 and close on July 2 at midnight.

June 12th allows for the MLB draft to be complete and for drafted players to be included in the All-State and Indiana High School Baseball Player of the Year process.

 Coaches need to login with their username/password in order to cast their votes

Unlike in previous years, the IHSBCA will only have one level of voting and will be allowed to vote (1 time) for players in all 4 classes.

To clarify, coaches are able to vote for players in 1A, 2A, 3A and 4A.

Player of the year will be included in the section above the submission button. (using 5-3-1 scoring system)

The voting process will take place within the same form. Once you cast your vote, the system will recognize you and not accept additional submissions.

Similar to the nomination process, coaches will be directed to a confirmation page as well as sent a confirmation email alerting them that their vote was collected.

The process is easy and can be completed on any of your devices: computer, tablet or phone. Let’s make sure these deserving base-ball players get the recognition they deserve.

Indiana High School Baseball Coaches Association